Communication Skills

Communication is a skill. It takes time & training to be a master.


If you have nothing to say, say nothing.

Mark Twain

The primary purpose of Communication is never “Speaking” but of being “Understood”. For that very reason it needs to have a purpose or a goal.

Pointless conversations shouldn’t be considered Communication, even more so in a professional setting. And, it needs to be according to the person who has to understand it and not who is saying it.

Course Details

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Whenever you read, a door of opportunity opens somewhere.


Hearing is an ability, Listening is a skill. They are not the same.


If you can really speak, you can influence, which can change lives.


When you speak, they hear you once. When you write, it stays forever.


Not everything you say can be understood by all but when you explain it should be.


Learn how to influence behavior, change attitude and get them to make decisions as per you.


Expression is the taste of Communication. It makes it memorable, leaves impact.

Public Speaking

It’s one of the top fears in most people. Everyone has it, Some people learn how to manage it.

Course Objectives

We provide opportunities to succeed

A basic point to be remembered is that Communication Skills, is very much different from Language Skills, although confused by many to be the same.

Which ever Industry may be your choice, whatever may be the field of your work, you would notice that those better at Communication do better in almost everything. Being good at Communication gives you that much needed extra advantage.

It might have surprised you before that some always seem to be doing better, and most likely it’s due to their Communication Skills.


Pratik Deo

CEO & Co Founder



A natural communicator, he has been presenting and sharing his ideas on various platforms for more than 15 years.

His ability to connect with his audience is what makes him the ideal person to learn about communication skills and how to get better at it.


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