1. Writers Note – Covid-19 HR Handbook

The past few months, we all have spent in a crisis. A crisis none of us could have anticipated in anyway. I could call it a crisis of this whole generation or proceeding one even.

None of us, team members and organisation leaders have any experience in managing this. Which time many have shared the tools and don’ts of situation but all of them are just things to be done on the fly. There was no guide or handbook nothing was right, there was no protocol or procedure to follow. Even the most experienced of us might feel too overwhelmed with what’s happening around us. However as founders and leaders, our team look up to us to do the right thing. We are at a junction where we have to help them move forward, do well but also keep them well. Doing one risk the others, but we can’t leave any out.

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Many of us have had to take decisions which although were practical or even the only choice for many, was announcing pay cut offs and layoffs and I believe none of us take them willingly/happily. Now, to resume work and also keep our teams safe, all we can do is to make them resilient in every way possible and prepare them well for their future.

Following all the recommendations might not be practical for all the industries, but with a little preparedness and calibration to the recommendations, we all can ensure, not only the safety of our team members but also their families and everyone around us. The directives being issued by concerned authorities combined with our own smartness and patience is the key. We need to bring in balance between the productivity and continuance of business as well as the safety and health of everyone. It might become overwhelming to all of us possible to make all those smooth but it is imperative that we can reassure everyone of a restart worth of being a part of. We know that these are hard times for everyone across the world, and everyone is doing their part to make this shock as bearable as possible and to help whole world move on.

All we are trying to do with this handbook is to create a point wise list to broad aspects of this shift in workplace management in the during and post- Covid 19 era, to help everyone navigate this journey while keeping an eye on all things important. We know that even we are not experienced in things like this, and hence please accept our apologies for anything we might have missed. However we have tried to include all that might be important broadly to all the industries but mostly to organisations who need a place to start the things knowing what to do next.

I hope through this Handbook we are able to what little we can in these trying times.

Pratik Deo (Founder & CEO)

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